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The complete line consists of:

Mitoclean AG face and hand spray cleanser MITOCLEAN AG FACE AND HAND SPRAY CLEANSER

Mitochon day cream MITOCHON DAY CREAM

Mitochon night cream MITOCHON NIGHT CREAM

Mitochon concentrated serum MITOCHON CONCENTRATED SERUM

Combined with

a food supplement with sweetener in the form of an orosoluble powder (dissolves in the mouth) with an antioxidant action

Liquid food supplement with sweetener based on Vitamin B12.

The entire MITOCHON line targets the prevention of cellular aging with particular reference to processes related to mitochondrial aging.

Mitochon cream colour

The intense yellow color of the MITOCHON products is due to the high concentration of Coenzyme Q10.


To better counteract the signs of oxidative stress caused by mitochondrial aging, chronoaging and photoaging, it is important to follow a daily beauty routine. From MITOCHON, an integrated daily action, throughout the day, to effectively combat skin aging.


After cleansing the face, apply a few drops of MITOCHON MULTIFUNCTIONAL CONCENTRATED ANTI-WRINKLE SERUM and distribute the product with a light massaging action until completely absorbed. Then apply the MITOCHON MULTIFUNCTIONAL ANTI-WRINKLE DAY CREAM.

MITOCHON serum is a hydration boost containing highly concentrated antiaging and antioxidant active ingredients. Daily use is recommended. Its Skin Protection Factor (SPF) 6 has been researched by MITOCHON to guarantee additional sun protection when applied before the DAY CREAM.

MITOCHON DAY CREAM is designed for daily use. Its Skin Protection Factor (SPF) 30 protects against sunlight, while the antioxidant active ingredients protect against environmental pollution.


After evening cleansing of the face, apply a few drops of MULTIFUNCTIONAL CONCENTRATED ANTI-WRINKLE SERUM. Distribute the product until completely absorbed and then apply the MULTIFUNCTIONAL ANTI-WRINKLE NIGHT CREAM.

The MITOCHON NIGHT CREAM has a particular and intense color, indicative of the effective concentration of active ingredients, which make it particularly effective during those hours when the skin is resting.

Mitochon gamma prodotti

MITOCHON products are on sale in the best pharmacies; to find the one closest to you contact us.


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