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Why Mitochon?

The Mitochon brand derives from the mitochondrion, a small organelle that is present in all our cells which is defined as the powerhouse of the cell, that is fundamental for cellular respiration and to counteract oxidative stress, degenerative chronic diseases and skin aging.

What is oxidative stress?

It is a phenomenon of overproduction of free radicals by the mitochondria when they are exposed to the aggression of harmful factors such as UV rays, smoke, pollution and stress.

What does Mitochon do?

Mitochon products are focused on mitochondrial well-being (the powerhouse of our body) in order to counteract oxidative stress and provide the energy necessary to limit the aging process.

Why is the skin a barrier?

From a physiological point of view, the skin performs a fundamental barrier function against external agents, such as bacteria, chemical and harmful substances, UV rays and pollution, but at the same time it can also block useful active ingredients from entering the body. This barrier can become totally or partially impermeable for molecules with particularly large dimensions such as Hyaluronic Acid, Glutathione, Coenzyme Q10.

What is Mitochon’s innovation?

After extensive research in the scientific and clinical fields, the company Mitochon has managed to identify an innovative technology capable of guaranteeing the absorption through the skin of two active ingredients with very important antioxidant functions such as Glutathione and Coenzyme Q10. This technology is called P.AS.S. (“Permeable AntioxidantS System”) and it relies on absorption promoters such as Oleic Acid and Vitamin C.

Why is the P.AS.S. technology innovative?

Through this unique technology, Mitochon managed to promote the absorption of the active ingredients. Mitochon has been granted the patent for the P.AS.S. technology by the Italian Patent and Trademark Office. Additionally, the European Patent extension is in progress.

What are the advantages of the active ingredients contained in Mitochon products?
  • Coenzyme q10, essential for the correct mitochondrial energy function
  • Resveratrol, an important support of the cardiovascular system and regulator of energy metabolism, contributes to the synthesis of collagen by stimulating fibroblasts
  • N Acetyl-cysteine, precursor of glutathione, our body’s main natural antioxidant
  • N Acetyl-glucosamine, has the ability to pass easily through the skin, unlike exogenous hyaluronic acid, and instead initiates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid internally.
  • Vitamin C, very useful in supporting the immune system and synthesis of collagen.
  • Folic acid essential for cell replication and DNA protection
What is meant by In-Out protocol?

The In-Out protocol (Supplement + Serum + Emulsion) involves the absorption of the active ingredients both orally, with the intake of the food supplement (“In”), and topically, with the application of the creams (“Out”).

Are your products suitable for a specific age group?

Our products are aimed at a very wide age range, because we believe that it is important to prevent and slow down the aging process of the skin and of the entire organism in general.

The skin begins to age around 25-30 years of age as collagen production begins to progressively decrease.  The use of anti-aging products at a young age allows the prevention of the formation of new wrinkles and counteracts the worsening of those that have already appeared.

Among the factors of skin aging, other than advancing age, are the environmental factors such as pollution and the sun’s rays to which we are continually exposed. It is therefore essential to hydrate and protect our skin from a young age.

Do your products have collagen?

Mitochon products promote the production of collagen thanks to the presence of Vitamin C that stimulates its natural synthesis and thanks to the Resveratrol present in the Mitofast food supplement.

In what order should the products be applied?

When you wake up, cleanse your face with our Mitoclean AG cleanser, its ceramide-based formulation keeps the skin toned and hydrated. The presence of Vitamin C in the form of Ascorbyl Glucoside (patented formula) allows for an effective antioxidant and illuminating action.

Then proceed by applying the Mitochon serum, which is concentrated with active ingredients, such as Coenzyme Q10, Glutathione and Vitamin C, that are aimed at treating skin aging.

Conclude your daily routine by applying the day emulsion to the skin in the morning and the night emulsion at night in the evening, both designed to counteract the signs of aging and stress such as wrinkles and expression lines.

What is the perfect routine for different skin types?


Day: cleanser, SFP30 day emulsion.
Evening: cleanser, concentrated serum + night emulsion every other day


Day: cleanser, SFP30 day cream.
Evening: cleanser, concentrated serum and followed by night emulsion.


Day: cleanser, concentrated serum and/or SFP30 day cream.
Evening: cleanser, concentrated serum and/or night emulsion depending on your skin.


Day: cleanser, concentrated serum + day emulsion.
Evening: cleanser, concentrated serum + night emulsion.

Is the cleanser also a make-up remover?

No, we always recommend using a make-up remover before applying the Mitoclean AG cleanser rich in vitamin C. Our cleanser is characterized by the presence of Ascorbyl Glucoside, a precursor of Vitamin C.

The chemical structure of Ascorbyl glucoside helps avoid the oxidation phenomenon of Vitamin C which is thus bioavailable and stabilized.

The delicate cleansing base guarantees thorough cleansing and promotes the permeation and intra-epidermal diffusion of AG and consequently Vitamin C.

What is the serum used for?

The serum is a fluid formulation with a high concentration of antioxidant active ingredients, designed for the treatment of blemishes linked to skin aging, such as wrinkles and expression lines. The serum can also be applied after cleansing and directly before make-up.

How should the serum be used?

As for the morning, after thorough cleansing, it is recommended to apply a drop of serum on the forehead, cheekbones, perilabial area, neck and décolleté respectively. Once the product has been absorbed, delicately spread a small amount of Day emulsion using circular movements. Repeat the usual procedure at the end of the day by applying the Night Emulsion after the serum, always adding just a few drops.

Do the products have sun protection?

Yes, the multifunctional anti-wrinkle day emulsion has a protection factor (SPF30). Our concentrated multifunctional anti-wrinkle serum, unlike most serums on the market, also has a sun protection factor (SPF 6). Our team of researchers deemed a minimum amount of sun protection essential, taking into account the risks of UV!

Does the Mitochon topical line have a fragrance?

Mitochon topical line has a small percentage of fragrance, equal to 0.3%, and is present in the serum and emulsions to balance out the olfactory presence of important active ingredients, such as Glutathione.

This choice derives from the formulator’s desire to:

  • Maximize the organic action of the active ingredients at the level of the skin tissue
  • Guarantee maximum skin tolerability by avoiding the addition of an alcohol base
  • Respect the sensitivity of all skin types

NB the fragrance, after application, vanishes in a few minutes, however, the anti-wrinkle effect of the Glutathione remains.

How many puffs of product to use each time?

Mitochon products are so rich in active ingredients that it is sufficient to use a few drops of product to obtain relaxed and luminous skin!

How long does a product last?

Mitofast, if taken regularly once a day, lasts for one month (1 sachet per day). The duration may vary if you decide to take it twice a day depending on your needs.

The day emulsion, night emulsion and concentrated serum last on average three to five months if used at least once a day at the recommended dosage. Naturally, the duration may vary depending on the needs of your skin.

Mitochon products have an expiration date? What is the shelf life of a product once opened?

The expiry date of the emulsions after opening the package is indicated on the package. The concentrated serum batch 0740 expires in March 2026. As for the supplement, its expiry date is indicated on the packaging (August 2026).

Where can I find the specific characteristics of each product on the Mitochon website?

In the “PRODUCTS” section or directly on the “SHOP” section, via the technical data sheet of the selected product, it is possible to find the specific characteristics of each item.

How can I get further advice on Mitochon products?

Contact us by phone at the following number (+39) 051 316 8294 or by email, we will arrange a personalized consultation based on the characteristics and needs of your skin.

How can I stay up to date on Mitochon news?

By subscribing to our newsletter and following our profile on the digital platforms Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.


Where can I buy Mitochon products besides its website?

Our products could be ordered by your preferred pharmacy. Our wholesalers are UNICO, FARMACENTRO, FARVIMA which are able to cover most of the Italian territories. For more clarification, we could provide assistance on the number (+39) 051 316 8294 or via email

Is it possible to receive free samples?

Usually, we provide doctors with samples since we focus our promotion on the medical aesthetic professionals. We suggest contacting us by telephone or e-mail address in order to find the best solution for you.

What are the shipping times?

The products arrive for delivery between 24-48 hours (islands excluded). International shipping may require approximately 48-72 hours.

Is it possible to create a Mitochon account? If yes, what are its features?

The user can register and create his/her Mitochon account. The features of the Mitochon account are the ability to review the products purchased and check the status of the order. Furthermore, automatic subscription to the newsletter will allow you to receive special promotions, free samples, personalized services and brand updates. It is however possible to place orders without registration.

How can I check the status of my order?

It is possible at any time to check the status of your order by entering the vehicle code sent by the courier chosen by Mitochon via e-mail as soon as the order is confirmed.

What payment methods are allowed?

At the moment, it is possible to purchase Mitochon products via Paypal, Credit Card and SEPA bank transfer. For further information you can consult our section of the website: “sale general conditions”.

Is it possible to order cash on delivery?

We can redirect you to pharmacies that have our products and accept this way  of payment.

Is it possible to return and replace a product purchased on the website?

To receive information on Mitochon’s return policies, contact us at number (+39) 051 316 8294.

Are Mitochon products tested on animals?

The active ingredients carefully selected by Mitochon are exclusively vegetal or chemical and not animal derived. Furthermore, the products of the Mitochon line are “cruelty free”, they are not tested on animals. The study of the clinical effectiveness of the products was carried out on human volunteers between ages of 35 and 65.

What measures does Mitochon take to ensure sustainability?

Care and attention towards environmental sustainability represent fundamental values in Mitochon’s corporate culture. Research and Development activities are in fact aimed at pursuing and guaranteeing the health and beauty of people’s skin in full respect of the planet and its biological and ecological balances.

Consumers have the opportunity to make an ethical and conscious choice, improving their sustainable footprint in line with that of #mitochondermocosmetics products.

The selection of active ingredients with plant extraction, such as Resveratrol, which demonstrates Mitochon’s attention towards important issues related to #sustainability.

DO NOT use raw materials and finished products tested on animals, in compliance with European Regulation no. 1223/2009.

The choice of glass in the packaging of the Mitochon topical line.

The use of “FSC” paper at 0 km, with raw materials deriving from properly managed forests (#FSC) and located in the territory of origin (“Mitochon gift box”).

Mitochon’s effort, characterized by the meeting between scientific research, innovation and sustainability, contributes to enhancing and preserving the natural resources of our planet, in the belief that 100% #MADEINITALY production must provide a significant contribution in achieving the common objective #PLATICSFREE.

Mitochon gamma prodotti

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